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The highest graded ethically sourced tonewoods are selected in collaboration with my trusted list of suppliers. Whether superb exotic rosewoods, fragrant cedars, dense ebonies or resonant alpine spruces you can be assured that the quality is always exceptional. The timber is carefully stocked and acclimatised for several years in my workshop before arriving on my bench.


Inside the box

The bracing construction and internal thicknesses are controlled carefully to give the perfect balance of flexibility and resistance whether following the path of the more traditionally fan braced models or exploiting the availability of modern materials such as nomex and carbon fibre to open new acoustic avenues.


Varnish and Finishing

All my instruments are varnished with shellac, alcohol, olive oil and the traditional french polish technique of application. This allows the thinnest of finishes with an unmatched clarity and refraction while also remaining eminently repairable.



I take great pleasure in the details. The work is meticulous and time consuming but is also what makes my instruments unique. See more in the gallery.

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